Kearflex Headquarters

About Kearflex

Located in Rhode Island, Kearflex has near 100% domestic content in our products, and we give preference to local vendors for goods and services. As our products are distributed both nationally and globally, we benefit the local, state, and domestic economy. Our core staff has over 20 years of average history with the company which provides exceptional depth to our engineering, quality, and manufacturing expertise. Our corporate and manufacturing facility is safe, clean, and ergonomic. Kearflex is a responsible and sustainable partner on many critical programs, and remains a qualified sole source on a wide variety of products.

Company History

Kearflex started in 1963 as a typical small family business with a solid business plan, high hopes and very limited resources.  The target products were pressure sensing metallic diaphragms with primary applications in the aerospace industry.  The need to compete in a manufacturing environment dominated by larger corporations made the initial years a daunting task. Utilizing previous experience as a design engineer in this marketplace, founder Robert “Bob” Kearney managed a loyal customer base by producing consistent high quality metallic diaphragms and capsule assemblies to pressure switch manufacturers.

Kearflex sensors are now used worldwide in military and commercial aircraft supplying pressure outputs to automated cabin monitoring systems, air data transducers and pitot static instrumentation.  Diaphragms fabricated from exotic metals are used extensively as isolation membranes in pressure transmitters.  Our sensors have also been used to monitor engine fluid pressures on farm and marine power plants, monitor altitudes for parachuting, provide depth readouts for divers and are even leaving our planet aboard the Freedom Space Station. Kearflex provides a line of flight instruments which fly onboard many of today’s most sophisticated aircraft including the F-18 hornet, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, T-45, T-38 and the Longbow AH-64 Apache among many others.

We are in our fifth decade of business with an optimistic look to the future.  Quality products, a highly capable staff and stable management now joined by a third generation of Kearney’s, provide the foundation for opportunity, growth and prosperity.