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These are long established part numbers that are available along with the major sub-assemblies required for authorized depot repair. Contact sales with the specific part numbers needed.

Diaphragms and Capsule Assemblies

The Kearflex product line is customized for each customer and application. Single diaphragms, single cell capsules, and multi-cell capsules, are all developed based upon the end product requirements.

Integration of customer or third party electrical switches, mechanical movements, and electronic sensors is also provided to combine the core expertise of both parties.

Review the Standard Diaphragms and Capsule Assemblies pages to define these primary pressure to deflection products.

Contact sales with as much information as possible, and we will assist in completing a specification, adapting the product, and providing a quote.

Isolation Diaphragms

These are a special version of the Standard Diaphragms that are very thin membranes specific to oil filled transducers. The Standard Diaphragm page provides useful mechanical outline information. Contact sales with the application requirements and we will assist in specifying a product and developing a quote.

Complex Sub-Assemblies

These are assemblies where a diaphragm or capsule is integrated into the next level assembly. Kearflex will assist in build to print or reverse engineering existing assemblies. We also provide development services for new designs, or where a redesigned assembly is desired. Contact sales with as much information as is available.

Complete Products

Kearflex will design complete products starting at any stage of development. From a clean sheet of paper to optimizing proven existing designs, we can provide engineering to meet the top level assembly requirements. Contact sales with opportunities to bring new products to market.

Data Acquisition and Custom Systems

Kearflex designs and builds complex systems that are used for level measurement, pressure control, and data acquisition. We are seeking markets for integrated system packages that provide top quality, reliability, serviceability, and which meet unique application requirements.

Contact us to request a quote here.  Or call us at your earliest convenience 401-781-4900.