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Engineering Services


Diaphragms are the building blocks of our extensive product line. Defining the performance of the diaphragm, and properly balancing the design tradeoffs, is the key to success when integrating these components.

Kearflex offers diaphragms based upon our standard line, but we do full custom designs as well. It is common to go through initial product development using a standard diaphragm, and then move to a custom design to further optimize the end product.


Capsule Assemblies

The next level assembly is the capsule which is based upon the diaphragm line. There are a variety of diameter and stack combinations to address different product requirements.

Kearflex offers capsules using standard diaphragms and fittings, but we do full custom designs as well. It is possible to go through initial product evaluation using a standard capsule assembly, and then move to a custom design to further optimize the end product.

The combination of diameters and stack arrangements usually allows form fit replacement capsules for existing products, or a drop in design for new products.

Subassembly Integration

Reverse Engineering

The next level is the complex subassembly, which incorporates the capsules we manufacture into modules that drop into the customer product.

Specific advantages are these assemblies are tested and calibrated, and can be used interchangeably with reduced effort at the customer.

New Designs
Kearflex will work with our customer to get the best capsule solution with the optimum form and fit for the next level assembly.

Existing Designs
These complex assemblies can be provided on a build to specification basis, but it is usually more practical to reverse engineer the product, and adapt the design to known and active Kearflex practices and processes.  This is applicable to end of life situations where internal or external vendors have ceased to exist, or abandoned products.

The design can be converted to use existing Kearflex processes for welding, brazing, soldering and external processes such as plating and anodizing.



Turn-Key Products

Kearflex has experience in the design of pressure based switches and transducers that can include electrical switches or primary sensors from any manufacturer.

Electrical switches can be aerospace or approved types to meet the needs of the specific market.

Primary sensors can be of any type including strain gauge, piezo, capacitive, inductive and optic.

Value Added Market
Kearflex designs products for specialty markets, especially where new products are needed, or existing products are becoming less reliable or available.

  • Cryogenic
  • High temperature
  • Direct acting - no liquid fill for critical applications
  • Nuclear
  • Hazardous materials
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial aviation
  • Military and Sea
  • Marine

New Product Development Benefits

  • Complete second source product development intended to specifically reduce supplier risk
  • Reverse engineering services for obsolete or unavailable product lines.
  • Specific design and top quality manufacturing practices provide extensive reliability in critical applications.
  • Custom designs to replace existing products which are not suitable or poorly engineered.




Application Specific Design

Kearflex has experience in the design of pressure based systems that can include transducers, gauges and pressure switches from any manufacturer in addition to our own.

Pressure based systems can measure:

Level - tanks, water table, tide, process industry.
Open channel flow - plant intake, effluent and sewer.
Closed pipe flow - venturi and orifice plate.


Process Data Acquisition:

Measure and chart product performance.
Provide historical trends.
Monitor Cp and Cpk for process control.

Kearflex Quality Management System

Certification:   ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek

Design and manufacture of metallic diaphragms and diaphragm sub-assemblies, snap and pressure switches, rupture disks and instrumentation based on pressure for both Aerospace and Non-Aerospace Industries.

ISO Registered since July 23, 1996

Product Certification


Raw materials are traceable from receipt to shipment.


External processes are performed at qualified vendors, and certifications are maintained.  Where required, customer approved external services are used.

Special Processes

Special processes are qualified and validated on a regular basis.

Manufacturing Processes

Process control travelers, inspection and test procedures, packaging and preservation, and so on are customer and product specific to ensure requirements are met.


Compliance with controlled substances, country of origin, ROHS, mineral rights, export control and more are maintained as required by our customer orders.

Product Qualification

Kearflex also provided internal and third party testing for the qualification of new assembly part numbers.  These usually include pressure limit exposure and cycle life testing.  Also available are shock, vibration and thermal response tests.