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Mechanical Movements

Mechanical movements amplify the displacement of the diaphragm to turn a pointer providing pressure indication.

Specific advantages of the Kearflex Diaphragms:

Ranges: 1 Psi to 400 Psi
Linearity: 1% of full scale
Consistent: 1% or less variance within a lot
Hysteresis: 0.5% or less


316L, Nispan, Inconel, Hastelloy, or any available material that is formable.

The size of the diaphragm is based pressure range.

1.125 Inch Diameter: 10 Psi to 400 Psi
1.375 Inch Diameter: 10 Psi to 75 Psi
1.590 Inch Diameter: 10 Psi to 50 Psi
2.000 Inch Diameter: 5 Psi to 50 Psi
2.375 Inch Diameter: 1 Psi to 25 Psi

Small Mechanical Gauge

Using the small 1.125 inch diameter diaphragm, this mechanical gauge can be calibrated in ranges from 10 Psi to 400 Psi.

A range of diaphragms is used providing the same deflection at the specified full scale pressure.  This allows the mechanical movement and all other parts except the faceplate to be common for all ranges.